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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Ted-Nugent-v5-R1The Nuge has announced six dates in California on The Music Made Me Do It 2018 Tour. Dangerzone VIP Packages are on sale now, and tickets go on public sale March 9 at 10am PST. Please visit the Tour Page for more details.

Along with a ticket to the show, Dangerzone VIP Packages include a pre-show meet and greet with Ted, a photo of the Nuge for autographing, a VIP laminate and more! For those who have purchased their tickets already, a Dangerzone VIP Package Upgrade option is also available.

This is just the beginning! Stay tuned for more tour date announcements to come.



Thursday, August 31, 2017

HolyHoly God in Rock-N-Roll Heaven ya all! What on God’s good green BBQ earth was THAT! Only the greatest damn tour of my life that’s all! A Full Bluntal Nugity ultraGONZO THANXSALUTE to the slamminest groovinist rhythmgodz Jason Hartless & Greg Smith for unlimited heart & soul every song every gig everynite! THANXSALUTE to the hardest workin most professional kickass crew & team! THANXSALUTE to the greatest honest to God soulmusicloving audiences this MotorCity guitarjammer could ever dream of for the highest energy & fiery positive spirit every damn night! Wrapping up the 6628th gig of my life so far was literally the highest of natural out of body highs available to mankind and I can hardly get next to myself! Off for gig #6629 in Okinawa Japan for the mighty United States Marine Corp warriors soon to put the ultimate clamax eargasm on the greatest tour of my life! We are already booking July2018 so greaseup those dancing boots for more phenomenal all American breeding music next year! Have the greatest hunting season of your lives to cleanse your soul and keep you Spirit of the Wild strong and free! Godbless Godspeed you all!

Ted Nugent band crew & family

Ted Nugent's 6625th concert


Ted Nugent's 6625th concert


Deerfest is Happening This Weekend – Don’t Miss Ted!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Larry Polenske wrote a great preview on what to expect from DeerFest this weekend, where Ted will be giving a spoken presentation August 5, at 2pm! DeerFest is happening at the Washington County Fair in West Bend Wisconsin August 4 – 6. Get your tickets HERE and read Larry’s preview below.

Deerfest Preview


Listen to Ted’s Radio Interview with Liberty Roundtable

Monday, July 31, 2017

Ted recently took to the airwaves to discuss the summer tour as well as The Freedom Coalition, an initiative and petition to stop the injustices befalling numerous Americans, who are now in prison as a result of out-of-control federal regulations.

Listen to Ted’s interview (beginning at the 4-minute mark) with Sam Bushman at Liberty Roundtable here:

For more information on this cause that Ted fights for, visit:


Ted Nugent’s ‘Rocking America Again!’ Tour Stops at Orlando’s Plaza Live

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ted’s been bringing the heat all summer with his Rockin America Again tour! William Clark for Music Enthusiast Magazine gave a rockin review of Ted’s show in Orlando this past July. Check out the excerpt below and read the full review and photos at

“Nuge, the 68 year old hard rock musician and political activist, remains a high energy performer. You can tell he’s still passionate about his craft as he swings the audience to his corner with spiels like “I know why you’re all here, to hear some of the greatest guitar riffs in the history of rock and roll. I know, cause I wrote ’em all.” Cue in that swinging riff to “Gonzo.”

To be fair, Ted could have unleashed his signature right-wing political views throughout the course of the night as I’ve seen before at a Nugent concert and the crowd would’ve eaten out of his hand; a good portion of the crowd were seen donning their own NRA and Trump-themed apparel, and broke out in applause when the Nuge mentioned how he gave all of his grand-kids machine guns and said he told security if anyone didn’t bring a firearm to the show to give ’em one.

And yet for the most part the performance was largely settled in high velocity rock and roll; Nugent’s patriotism shone brightest through his taste in stage props and the evening’s set opener.

Closing with a knockout rendition of “The Great White Buffalo/ Spirit of the Wild,” Ted Nugent and company rocked The Plaza Live in Orlando with fierce blues rock themes and that personality unlike any other.”


Catch Ted on 89.1FM, Lakeshore Public Radio TONIGHT at 7pm CST.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

tn-tour-2017-v2TONIGHT at 7pm on 89.1FM, tune in or stream live“MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges” — on LAKESHORE PUBLIC RADIO (89.1FM) as Lounges welcomes the Nuge as on air guest!

Lounges’ has interviewed Ted Nugent many times over the decades and will focus on the music aspect of Nugent’s life and career. The planned topics for discussion — the current tour, future recording plans, his thoughts on his classic catalog songs, and Ted’s tireless work on behalf of American Veterans.

A lot of great tunes will be played as well — from teenage Ted’s Amboy Dukes-era to the gonzo guitarist’s recent team up with Sammy Hagar on his latest album, Shut Up And Jam.

Preview this week’s region concert by The Ted Nugent Band with Tom Lounges and enjoy plenty of vintage Nugent classics — “Hibernation,” “Stranglehold,” “Fred Bear” and others — for what is sure to be a very rocking radio program. Love him or not, Ted Nugent is never a boring guest! Tune in!

* Repeats on FRIDAY, JULY 21st @ 11pm.



Tuesday, June 27, 2017



Buddy Iahn at wrote a RAVING review of Ted’s recent performance in Bakersfield. Read an excerpt below, and be sure to check out the full article here.

“Ted Nugent and his band prove that rock and roll is still alive and kicking. You just have to know where to look to find it. Opening act Derek Day and his band (also a trio)
were down right awesome, too, and are paving the way for newer acts to keep rock and roll alive. Rock has always stood out from other genres as being defiant, loud and proud, and this represents Ted Nugent on and off the stage! He truly is an American icon!”

Thanks to Buddy for the great piece! Don’t miss the chance to see Ted perform live on his ROCKIN AMERICA AGAIN! tour. Tickets on sale now.


Wisconsin: Don’t Miss Ted at DeerFest!

Friday, June 23, 2017


Ted will appear at DeerFest at the Washington County Fair on Saturday August 5 for a spoken presentation and autograph session. DeerFest guests will be treated to Ted share his passion for the outdoors in a presentation, followed by a meet and greet with DeerFest attendees. Please check for detail updates at and get your tickets today at:

Saturday, August 5, 2017
Washington County Fair Park
West Bend, WI


Get Ready, America!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

CELEBRATE the unstoppable indefatigable most passionate firebreathing R&B&R&R on the planet with the best band anywhere! I am beyond honored in my 55th year of rockin to ULTRAROCK with the amazing worldclass animal virtuosos Greg Smith on bass & vocals and The MotorCity MadBoy Jason Hartless on drums. Like all my killer bands all these insane years, these sonic bombast BloodBrothers SoulBrothers FunkBrothers put every ounce of fire & piss & vinigar into every song, every gig, every night! ThankU real musiclovers everywhere for fanning the flames of the best songs in the world! Bring your dancin shoes America! Uncle Ted & the boys are Rockin America Again 2017 like we mean it!



Catch Nuge on Fox!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thursday, May 18

5pm Eastern

Ted’s on Fox News The Specialists

Friday, May 19

8:30am Eastern

Fox & Friends, with Ted AND Shemane


Three Dates Added to Ted’s Summer Tour!

Monday, April 17, 2017

tn-tour-2017-v2The Nuge has announced three more dates of all-American, rock-n-roll soulmusic for his ROCKIN AMERICA AGAIN! summer tour. He’ll be adding stops in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania so be sure to visit the Tour Page for dates, tickets and exclusive Dangerzone VIP Packages.

Along with a ticket to the show, the Dangerzone VIP Packages include a pre-show meet and greet with Ted, a photo of the Nuge for autographing, a VIP laminate and more! For those who have purchased their tickets already, a Dangerzone VIP Package Upgrade option is also available.


Check Out Ted’s New Photos!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Check out the rockin new photos recently added to the Photo Gallery! New photos have been added to the 2016 Tour, as well as from tour rehearsal and  more! With the ROCKIN AMERICA AGAIN tour just around the corner, stay tuned for more photos as they come!


Photo by Brown PhotographyPhoto by Brown PhotographyPhotos by Brown PhotographyPhoto by Brown Photography


Watch and Read Ted’s Tribute to Chuck Berry

Monday, March 27, 2017

If ever there was an end of a monumental era in the history of mankind it happened today with the death of Chuck Berry. No one deserves the title of creator, founding father, Godfather, genius and wizard of rock ‘n’ roll more than his Majesty Chuck Berry. Being so fortunate to be born in 1948 soon after Les Paul electrified the guitar, it was Chuck Berry that showed us the ultimate application to a musical energy and uppity spirit like never before. Thank God I was bodyslammed by this new music and heard my calling loud and clear. There is not a guitar player in the history of the instrument that doesn’t owe Chuck everything for guiding us into that lyrical, grinding cadence of his honky-tonk gone wild and the unprecedented rhythm of his lyrics and singing style. I ascended the mountaintop of rock ‘n’ roll when I was privileged to play bass guitar for Chuck in 1969. His spirit will be with me every time every day when I play my guitar. Godspeed rock ‘n’ roll BloodBrother. RockIn! 

— Ted Nugent



The Nuge Can’t Wait To Rock America Again!

Thursday, March 9, 2017



Real honest to God, all American rock-n-roll soulmusic is alive and well across the hinterland!

Every Nuge rockout is proof positive that real music-lovers crave and celebrate high energy, firebreathing Motorcity KrankRock—now more than ever.

It is my moral, physical, patriotic and spiritual obligation to take the best rock-n-roll to the masses every summer, so here we go again.   50+ years and running, ROCKIN AMERICA AGAIN, like I do every year!

— Ted Nugent

With Greg Smith on bass and Jason Hartless on drums, Ted Nugent is coming soon to a venue near you.  Check back often for new dates & locations!