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PureGrainAudio.com Review: NUGE In Anaheim!

July 31, 2014

NUG_PureGrain The Skinny: It was just what the doctor ordered when Ted Nugent and his band of Nigerian Rebels (Derek St. Holmes, guitar and vocals; "Wild" Mick Brown, drums; Greg Smith, bass) played the City National Grove of Anaheim. Supporting the recently released album Shutup & Jam, Nuge's setlist included a few new songs and several of his smash hits.

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Ted Nugent Brings His Motor City Madness to New York

July 29, 2014

Nug_FlashWounds On July 21, at one of our favorite venues, The Paramount in Huntington, NY, the one and only Ted Nugent  ~ shredder extraordinaire, multi-platinum-selling music legend, balls-to-the-wall performer ~ proved once again in his five-decade plus career that he is all of those things and so much more…and that his stage show, musical skills, and inimitable, irrepressible, outrageous style make him nothing less than a force of nature.

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A Message From Tedquarters

July 25, 2014

ted I am writing to you in regards to the picture of Ted nugent, wearing the aboriginal head dress. I would appreciate if you would please take down the photo of Ted wearing the aboriginal head dress with a bow n arrow and gun in his hands …I find this very disrespectful and insulting to my cultural back round. I feel with Ted recent out burst of racism and the picture I stated with the head dress, that he is trying to convey aboriginals as he quoted " unclean vermin". I will not stand for this kind of blatant racism…

Greetings from Tedquarters.

Mr. Nugent has a long history of working with a wide variety of Native American Tribes across our great country. He has never used the term unclean vermin to describe Native Americans.  On the contrary, Ted has been an honored guest at many tribal meetings, has worked with Native American youth, and was humbled to be inducted into the Strongheart Society by the Lakota Sioux, Northern Cheyenne and Arapahoe Tribes.

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Video premiere: Everything Matters

July 25, 2014

1406302748000-Jenny-Risher-Photography3 Ted Nugent calls "Everything Matters" from his new SHUTUP&JAM! album a "grooving, classic R&B song."

The song's sepia-toned video, premiering at USA TODAY, gives fans a good, long look at the guitarist's beloved Gibson Byrdland and his rhythm section, bassist Greg Smith and drummer Greg Brown. Derek St. Holmes, whose history with Nugent goes back to 70s hits like Stranglehold and Cat Scratch Fever, returns to sing lead.

Nugent says the song and its groove were inspired by R&B greats like Wilson Pickett, James Brown and Otis Redding, as well as Detroit-based rockers Mitch Ryder and Wayne Cochran.

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Ted Nugent Brings Rock Revival, Spiritual Jam To Penns Peak

July 24, 2014

NUG_PennsPeak By James Wood

Guitarist, hunter and American advocate Ted Nugent is certainly no stranger to the backwoods of northeastern Pennsylvania. In fact, a recent stop at Penns Peak in Jim Thorpe a few years ago became the setting for Nugent's 2011 live CD/DVD Ultralive Ballisticrock. Folks around these parts know that when Uncle Ted's in town (like he was last night at Penns Peak) - attendance is mandatory!

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ABC News Radio: Nuge Says All His “Music Dreams Come True” with New Album

July 24, 2014

Ted Nugent has just released his first studio album in seven years, SHUTUP&JAM!, which features raging slabs of blistering blues-infused and hard-rock riffs.  The record finds the outspoken right-wing rocker paying tribute to military heroes, touting the freedoms offered American citizens and declaring his love for good, old-fashioned barbecue, while also sharing his desire to simply keep rocking out.

Nugent tells ABC News Radio that all of his "musical dreams came true on this record," because he had the chance to collaborate with some of his favorite musicians.

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Ted Nugent is Uncensored in Portland!

July 23, 2014

See how—and why—as Emmy and Peabody award winner LARS LARSON welcomes TED NUGENT back to the show!  Tune in Thursday, July 24 at 12:30 pm PDT/3:30 pm EDT as they discuss Ted Nugent Uncensored and more!  It’s happening on KXL 101.1fm, Portland. Listen online at KXL.com.

PlanetMosh.com Review: SHUTUP&JAM!

July 23, 2014

NUG_ShutUpAndJam_small The album literally kicks off with the title track in a flurry of raucous riffs and a howl of feedback in the vein of "Wango Tango" from Scream Dream. Ted barks out the lyrics and lets rip with a frantic guitar solo at the minute mark. "Fear Itself" has an intense, brooding riff underpinning some hefty power chords bringing to mind "Tooth, Fang And Claw" from the Spirit Of The Wild album. "Everything Matters" is classic R&B and is the only song on the album with Derek on lead vocal. He has not lost his soulful range and hits the high notes with ease as Ted’s solos weave in and out of the choppy riffs.

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A Little Fatherly Advice From Uncle Ted: ‘SHUTUP&JAM!’

July 22, 2014

NUG_FatherlyAdvice By Kevin Yeanoplos

Conventional wisdom dictates that you don’t stand next to Ted Nugent during a lightning storm. But what’s a billion volts when you can witness the Motor City Madman’s lightning-quick fretwork and over-the-top stage antics up close and personal? True, there may be a few people out there that don’t care for Uncle Ted’s politics. But none of electorate has ever complained about his electric axework.

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Ted Nugent Delivers A Patriotic, High Energy, Soulful Rockin set

July 21, 2014

NUG_musicjunkie Multi-platinum guitar icon Ted Nugent has returned with his new full-length album SHUTUP&JAM!, which is out on Frontiers Records. The release marks the first all-new studio album from the Motor City Madman in seven years. Nugent leads the pack of renowned musicians, handling guitar and vocal duties, alongside bassist Greg Smith, drummer Mick Brown and longtime musical cohort guitarist/vocalist Derek St. Holmes.

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July 20, 2014

NUG_Anaheim2014_small If you haven't already, head on over to the Media section and check out our brand new SHUTUP&JAM! 2014 Tour photo gallery featuring a collection of kick-ass photos taken from the road during Ted's current SHUTUP&JAM! tour (so far!!).

All credit for these amazing photos goes out to James and Marylyn Brown along with our sincere thanks for letting us share these awesome images with y’all. Enjoy!

Oakland Press: Ted Nugent celebrates 65th birthday with 6,500th concert

July 19, 2014

NUG_admat_small Ted Nugent is never at a loss for hyperbole — so hearing that he’s “intoxicatingly happy” is not exactly a news flash.

But when he’s talking about SHUTUP&JAM!, his first new album in seven years, the Motor City Madman’s excitement seems genuine. And not at all misplaced.

"I think the freshness, the garage band piss ’n’ vinegar factor has always been a powerful driving force in all of my music and my life, obviously," says Nugent, 65, "but now more than ever these songs represent such spontaneous combustion. Every day, when I come in from doing my chores and doing my lifestyle, I pick up the guitar ... and these songs just happened."

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Ted Nugent Stalks His Prey at The Grove

July 18, 2014

tn4_small By Scott Feinblatt

There are certain people who simply create their own gravity. They exist in all walks of life and in all professions. The species are easy to identify, yet a cloud of mystery typically enshrouds them, hiding the answer to the question: "Is this guy for real, or is it all flash and dazzle?" The truth, likely, exists somewhere in between -- case in point, Ted Nugent.

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