To Kill A Deer

Thursday, August 29, 2019

By: Ted Nugent I hunt, therefor I am. I hunt because I am a hunter. Pure and simple. I am nature as pure as the wind itself. Like Cochise, Sitting Bull, Davy Crocket, Jeremiah Johnson, Fred Bear and Crazy Horse, I am but the humble conservation servant of the almighty Creator. Nature is perfect and hunting is perfect. Celebrate it and promote it every day everywhere to everyone. Nature should not be a spectator sport, but rather a gungho participatory dedication. Be one with her spirit and pulse. As The Season approaches, we prepare to plunge spirit-first into that magical time of renewal, a time to return to the life giving pulse of God’s miraculous creation as a genuine dedicated hands on participant, fulfilling the natural tooth, fang and claw call of the wild stewardship responsibility that burns afire in our bellies. It is time to kill.

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The Critters Save My Life

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

By: Ted Nugent

Well, sonic bombast rockout sweatfest number 6750 is now officially checked off the rock-n-roll calendar, in the books as they say, and I’m still out here going wild across the hinterland! And like every firebreathing gig, number 6750 was phenomenal to say the least.

Thank you, real music lovers everywhere!

Passion and enthusiasm certainly create a dangerous level of adrenalin driven energy every night, but Lord have mercy, if I fail to intelligently manage it, it sure could wear this old backstrapper out real quick like!

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The Politics of Hunting

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

By: Ted Nugent “I’m not into politics, I just wanna go hunting” sayeth the unAmerican sheep. I cannot imagine many things more unAmerican, in fact downright anti-American, than being so disconnected and apathetic in failing to actually fulfill the #1 American duty and responsibility to participate in this sacred experiment in self-government. We the people is supposed…

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Celebrate and Promote-Never Defend Hunting

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

By: Ted Nugent Well hallelujah, my bowhunting BloodBrothers in California and Florida have already kicked off the backstrap boogie season 2019 and the celebratory SpiritWild campfires are already burning brightly in that not so quiet night. Me, I’m still out here celebrating the glorious American Dream freedom soundtrack with another few weeks to go on the greatest musical adventure of my life. Every song, every concert, every night, every guitar lick continues to be a Samurai out of body fun fest, with Greg Smith on bass guitar and young Jason Hartless on his MotorCity thunderdrums pounding out the best all American R&B rock-n-roll soulmusic the world has ever witnessed, if I do say so myself. And that guitar tone! Lord have mercy! I’m unleashing licks that God has yet to authorize! We are blessed with the greatest music loving audiences in the world and the energy level each night is off the Richter scale charts. I cannot say thank you often enough or loud enough! THANK YOU!

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The Spirit of the Beast

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

By: Ted Nugent For my entire adult life, I have celebrated and promoted the spiritual dynamo of the hunting lifestyle and our very special participatory oneness with God’s miraculous creation. It’s all about the Spirit of the Wild! Going all the way back to my earliest musical adventures, spurred on in many ways and certainly paralleled year for year with my bowhunting upbringing, in my own mushybrained, not yet developed youthful intellect, I always felt the presence of The Great Spirit more than I actually understood it. The near impossible task and my indefatigable effort of getting close to wild things with my home-made hickory slingshot, Red Ryder BB gun and my precious yew longbow and arrows taught me much each day afield, that the hopeful act of potentially killing that critter was vastly overpowered, even eclipsed, by the daunting challenge of temporarily overcoming their miraculous design to avoid me.

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The Queen of the Forest

Thursday, July 25, 2019

By: Ted Nugent “Do you remember her name? She’s been here for a long, long time. She has the magic power, to make it rain or sunshine. She got the power to turn off the lights. She got the power over day and the night! You best hide when she’s angry, because she can level your town. When she throws a temper tantrum it’s like the sky is falling down. She got the power to turn off the lights. She got the power over day and the night. She’s the queen of the forest. Queen of the forest! Queen of the forest.

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The Deer Made Me Do It

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

By: Ted Nugent As your read these glowing words of spirit, attitude, independence and freedom, I am settling into the concrete hell warzone of California, about to assault the rock-n-roll stage for my 6721st concert. Oh the humanity! The title of my most recent record is The Music Made Me Do It, and this 2019 tour, 65 years later after my first musical performance at the age of 5 for a family gathering in Detroit, is titled “The Music Made Me Do It-Again!” I’ve come up with some clever wordsmithing over the years for tour titles, “Intensities In 10 Cities” comes to mind, but this year it is both literal and simple, because my American Dream has been powerfully fortified by my intense love of American rock-n-roll, and nothing, I mean nothing could ever get in my way. The music really did make me do it, and it still does.

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2019 Is It Fall Yet?

Thursday, July 11, 2019

By: Ted Nugent This morning, again, I cruised the plethora of trails bisecting my sacred Michigan hunting grounds, and literally wallowed and danced in unlimited spirit. In the first hour of cruising the swamplands in my Roxor offroader, I was blessed with the uniquely massive stimuli factor offered by the numerous deer sightings, beaver, otter, mink, a raccoon, possum, muskrat, turtles, a snake, frogs, red squirrels, fox squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, a groundhog, pheasant, woodcock, turkey, sandhill cranes, ducks, geese, swans, herons, crows, hawks, owls, a bald eagle, a pair of big, hammering Pileated woodpeckers and probably 30-40 species of birdlife, all singing and warbling the intoxicating soundtrack to my favorite life beyond the pavement. I stop often, shut off the diesel engine, sit a spell and listen, then wander off, gorging on delicious wild berries and checking and adjusting treestands here and there. My dogs Happy, Sadie and Coco joined me over the distant hogback ridge to check out a few remote foodplots, all doing fantastic from the rainy spring and summer so far. It was good to see the oak trees are already showing a killer mast crop coming on strong. The many wild apple trees are heavy with fruit again this year.

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Happy Independence Day Everyday

Monday, July 8, 2019

By: Ted Nugent I smell backstraps on the grill baby, all across America! Afterall, nothing says Happy Independence Day quite like the sizzling sacred flesh fruits of the ultimate independent lifestyle of deerhunting. On this very special and uniquely American holiday, or better put, holy day, it is imperative that we teach our children and remind everyone in our lives just exactly what the 4th of July truly represents. I would like to think that no other lifestyle better celebrates true independence like the rugged individual, self-sufficiency lifestyle of the American deerhunter. Though our brilliant, courageous Founding Fathers and American Revolutionary Patriots that defeated King George’s sheep-like punk army wrote down a killer list of self-evident truths and God given individual rights by which we declared our independence, freedom and sovereignty, I have always believed they forgot as important a right as any listed in the Bill of Rights.

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Rad Trad

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

By: Ted Nugent It was a sunny, warm fall day in 1957, and my cousin Mark and I were on safari along the Rouge River in Dearborn, Michigan. The Dearborn Hills golf course was our own little dream wildlife paradise, and we stealthily scooted along the fairway edges with our yew longbows tightly gripped, cedar arrows cocked, locked and oh so ready to rock! At the tender age of 9 I was already alive with the Spirit of the Wild, and my youthful critter radar was always on red alert. Mark and I simultaneously saw the movement above on the towering oak limb as a big bushytailed fox squirrel leapt, ran and scrambled for dear life.

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