Get A Muffler For Your Gun-Suppressors; I like ‘em

Thursday, May 3, 2018

By: Ted Nugent

Aim small miss small! Now that’s a quality of life battlecry I think we can all relate to and agree upon. Like anything and everything in life worthwhile, firearm accuracy and all the shooting sports for that matter are best enjoyed when maximum focus and dedication are employed.

Growing up with my Daisy Red Ryder BB gun was life consuming, that’s for sure. Along with my homemade slingshots and bow and arrows life was one big projectile management adventure party.

Safety was drilled into my young, mushy brain by dear old US Army drill sergeant dad, and with the simple Gun Rule #1, never point a weapon at anything you are not willing to destroy, the great man put me on a True North compass setting of inescapable cause and effect accountability in the great outdoors and beyond from the earliest of age.

Thank you dad!

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Never Forget Our Daily Lessons

Thursday, April 12, 2018

By: Ted Nugent

I thought for sure I would tumble out of my stand my body was trembling and quivering so violently. Without a doubt the biggest buck of my life was standing statuesque not 15 yards in front of me on full alert, head up, cocked, locked and ready to rock!

His big, radar ears were erect, moist nose in the air, eyeballs bulging in a full-on gonzo attempt to find the source of the overbearing electronic predator Tedator death-rays zapping the South Texas puckerbrush all around.
I’ve been here so many times before, and under these trying conditions, it more often than not does not end well for this old stinky Rock-N-Roll bowhunter.

SpiritWild VidCamDude Kris Helms and I knew this predator-prey game all too well, and we reciprocated in kind with a deadly stealth response of our own, determined to get an arrow into this giant beast’s pumpstation come hell or high water!

It’s not like I was caught off-guard, for I live to never be off-guard, especially when bowhunting South Texas on the amazing 777 Ranch outside Hondo, Texas.

Talking about “target rich”! I was sitting in what may very well be the trophy whitetail deer mecca of planet earth, so we knew darn well what we were getting into.

But this test of nerves went on forever. I know; we always believe our deer stare-downs go on forever, but this time, it really did, and I was determined to win this standoff no matter what.

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Three Down Six To Go

Friday, March 30, 2018

by  Ted Nugent

Happy Easter everybody! What a great traditional family celebration of life renewed for sure, and we hope everybody finds lots of fun yummy Easter eggs with the kids and grandkids, don’t eat too much candy and chowdown on a succulent Easter ham or turkey surrounded by family and loved ones.

And of course we take to heart the very solemn religious celebrations that represent a very powerful spiritual moment of faith for the believers around the world.

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I Just Wanna Go Huntin

Monday, March 19, 2018

by Ted Nugent

“I was always different, nobody understood. I didn’t play follow the leader, cuz I was always in the woods.

They hadn’t invented peer pressure yet, seems I stood alone. But My daddy had a vision; love, family and a home.

Punks used to laugh at me, said how can you rock and not get high?

But I just stood my ground and I watched those punks fall and die!

Cuz I just wanna go huntin. It makes me feel so good. I just wanna go huntin, try to find me in the woods!

Things get a little crazy, in this day and age. The concrete jungle warfare got everybody in a rage.

I sure like rock and danger, and I love my rock-n-roll. When I get my limit, I know just where to go.

I jump into four-wheel drive, load up the dogs and the family. I’m gonna feel alive, with the wildlife where I can breathe!

And I just wanna go huntin. Makes me feel so good. I just wanna go huntin, try to find me in the woods.

I’m slippin away, lookin for a new sunrise. I’m feelin ok, times like this makes me healthy and wise!

I just wanna go huntin. Makes me feel so good. I just wanna go huntin, try to find me in the woods.

God told me in the bible, He said “Go ahead and whackem Ted!”

So I take my kids huntin, so I don’t have to hunt for my kids!

I just wanna go huntin, it makes that feeling last.

And if you don’t like my huntin, then you can kiss my ….!

I’m slippin away, I’m feelin OK. Feelin better everyday. I gotta get away. Headin for a brand new day. Far, far away………..”

Now that’s a lovesong, chillin’!

That little ditty came balzing out of me with a life of its own way back around 1989, long, long ago!

I don’t really write songs, I simply channel the music from deep within, stream of consciousness, unbridled torrent of spirituality if you will, much like a perfect, 2nd nature mystical flight of the arrow when everything is perfecto.

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JumpStart Springtime NOW!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

By: Ted Nugent

My sister just got eight more inches of snow in her beautiful Up North Michigan Winter Water Wonderland home forest, but I’m in short sleeves and 80 degrees here at home on our SpiritWild Ranch in central Texas!

Crazy as it seems, this old rock-n-roll bowhunting Michiganiac misses the snow real bad, but I will always take what I can get and celebrate it like I mean it.

No matter where you live in this great country, it’s March and springtime in one shape or form is right around the corner. And just like all our serious preparations for the fall hunting season, there are some wonderful and demanding springtime rituals that are just as important as the actual hunting itself.

It would have only been natural for me to plunge into deep, dark post-season depression last week as the Texas whitetail season came to a sad end on March 1, but man does not live by whitetail season alone, and I didn’t even have time to blink as I transitioned into a very exciting spring-like month of March.

With non-stop exotic critter hunting flourishing all year long in Texas, SpiritWild Ranch manager Kris Helms was busy guiding a couple of Wyoming BloodBrothers after Scimitar Horn Oryx, Blackbuck antelope, African Aoudad sheep, Sika deer, fallow deer and axis deer.

Will and Bob had a great four days of rifle hunting and with Kris’s expertise and a truckload of luck three fine trophies were brought to bag for some very happy hunters.

Ranch chores and my never ending rip-roaring American Dream tsunami lifestyle keeps me crazy busy all the time, but I make it a point to shoot my bow every day and my firearms almost as regularly.

To make certain I never lose touch with my home hunting grounds, the dogs and I cruise the property daily checking our year round varmint trapline, killing fire ants by the trillions and keeping tabs on our wildlife and home turf.

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Celebrate Hunting Television

Thursday, March 1, 2018

By: Ted Nugent

I’m surprised I don’t just blow up every few minutes every day. Approaching my 70th year of the American Dream, my days remain wall to wall sensual/spiritual stimuli and metaphysical adventure in overdrive.

And I like it.

Take today for example; I awoke to a couple of uppity Labrador retrievers furiously licking me and pawing away on me to join them in the great outdoors. Then this gorgeous blonde Queen of the Forest walks past me in the bathroom with a Cheshire grin and a bombshell boogie-woogie wiggle as I sip a good hot mug of NugeJava with a hint of mocha.

Gazing out the bathroom window I see every imaginable songbird God has blessed us with and a gaggle of fox squirrels vying for the best position at the corn feeder.

Out the living room window I see a small herd of African Scimitar horn Oryx and a great Indian Blackbuck ram chasing a doe all across our 50 acre hayfield.

Taking my morning walk to get my legs and spirit flexing, Happy and Sadie and I jump a trio of fat whitetail does out of the cedar thickets as they prance and leap across the prairie with that beautiful whitetail grace.

Overhead a Peregrine falcon swooshes past the pond with a wiggling fish in its talons. Putting my Miracle Ear hearing aids in, the world comes alive with a cacophony of birdsong to delight me beyond words.

Returning to our little Texas ranch house, I give the dogs their biscuits and I set down my mocha. I then yank an unsuspecting Gibson Les Paul guitar from my arsenal and unleash a flurry of killer all American R&B rock-n-roll soulful grooves that could only come from the hands of a fulltime reasoning predator deeply connected to the miracle of God’s amazing tooth, fang and claw creation.

In the midst of recording my 40-something record, the music has a life of its own and is powerfully accentuated by my daily Spirit of the Wild real nature lifestyle.

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Come Together Right Now

Thursday, February 22, 2018

By: Ted Nugent

Isn’t it amazing how we hunters can and do carve out our ultimate American Dream with such aplomb in spite of the crazy world all around us! The worst day of hunting is always a wonderful day compared to pretty much all the alternatives. Our sacred time afield surely does cleanse the soul, re-create our spirit and recharge our batteries everytime!

Thank God every day and say Hallelujah like you mean it!

That brings us to all the other things in our lives in between our soul cleansing hunts and the more often than not trials and tribulations of every day existence in a world that continually throws some seriously mind blowing and bizarre curves our way, usually out of nowhere on a damn guaranteed regular basis.

We all have our cross to bear, bear it like you mean it!

As the inescapable reality of daily life sucker-punches us upside the head so often, we rise from the swirling dust of the arena, brush ourselves off, and re-engage anew. Good Americans know there is no Plan B.

But when these difficult times manifest themselves in the heartbreaking horror of innocent life lost at the hands of pure evil in our own neighborhoods, we are tested to the core and have the opportunity to show that tenacious all American true grit that got us here in the first place and will ultimately determine if we survive as a nation and as a species.

We hunters all know that the sacred 2nd Amendment has never had anything to do with hunting, sport or recreation. We know that these Constitutionally guaranteed God given individual rights are based on profound self-evident truth, logic and commonsense and dare I say, Devine Intervention.

There has never before in the history of mankind been such a bold, radical experiment in self government as is the American Dream of assured life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If we are truly dedicated to save innocent lives, it is going to take the best of the best American families to stand strong and committed to fight for real world solutions to bring such madness to an end.

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Spirit and Attitude Trumps All

Thursday, February 15, 2018

By: Ted Nugent

My Spirit of the Wild BloodBrother campfires glow bright and hot forever. As I fidget excitedly preparing for my 70th deerseason in 2018, (and my 55th year of killer Rock-N-Roll recording and touring for my 36th album and 6680th concert!!) my overloaded memory bank flashes a tsunami of happy, heartwarming images of the greatest people in my long life aglow in those flickering flames.

These fires and memories go all the way back to the fall of 1949 as the Nugent family created our annual Up North bowhunting expeditions into the Michigan State forests.

Loaded up with blankets, a cast iron skillet, assorted camping supplies, longbows and quivers full of beautiful handmade cedar arrows in our Ford station wagon, even at just 10 months old, such imagery, spirit and powerfully positive family time and attitude surely imprinted on me to identify a path in life that has guided my American Dream to this day.

So many smiling faces and uppity laughter from family and friends fan the flames of those campfires. Every person has been special, every campfire moving. I see my mom and dad, brothers and sister, sons, daughters, wife Shemane, Uncle John and Uncle Dick, all my cousins, Fred Bear, Dick Mauch and so many special people in every flame. I have shared these fires with soldiers, airmen, sailors and marine heroes of the US Military that have sacrificed so much. The indefatigable spirit and attitude of those special needs and terminally ill kids will remain with me forever and make me a better man.

Recent campfires have once again elevated and escalated that spirit and attitude as we welcomed another very special young man from Michigan into our family.

Austin Jones is 21 years old and was stricken with Muscular Dystrophy at the age of six way back in 2003. Born into a gungho Michigan hunting family, the loss of mobility and muscular function didn’t deter or compromise his love of the great outdoors one bit.

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Winter Preparation for Fall Hunt Season 2018

Thursday, February 8, 2018

By: Ted Nugent

I know I’m not alone when I celebrate my hunting as a genuine lifestyle. I know a lot of hardcore, dedicated hunters all across America and around the world, and each and every one of them seriously live for this stuff, and we live it all year long to one degree or another.

Even though I am still pursuing the mighty whitetail deer here at home in Texas through the month of February, for the vast majority of American deerhunters, the season is over and many are already hard at it preparing for next fall.

Immediately following the season is surely the very best time of year to get intimate and updated improved knowledge of our deergrounds.

Shed hunting is getting more and more popular during the post-season winter months, but searching for ground-bone is about much more than just finding those mythical discarded antlers.

Walking our hunting grounds on the open, denuded terrain in the dead of winter gives us the absolute best and clear view of critter activity better than at any other time of year.

Of course any excuse to get out there into the wild is good enough for the joys of just being out there.

Where sheds are found and trails are identified on barren ground gives us a direct contact with where and what the deer were doing at the tail end of the season, and in most habitats, their general habits for most of the fall and winter periods as well. Way back in the 1960s when I first figured out how educational my winter exploring could be, I discovered more about topography and deer activity than I ever had during the actual deerhunting season.

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Keeping The Deerhunting Predator Edge All Year

Thursday, February 1, 2018

By: Ted Nugent Well Happy February everyone! As winter throttles on across the hinterland and we plow head-first into 2018, I hope everyone who is able to wrangle some time in their busy schedules to attend some of the various hunting shows around the country are enjoying themselves. They are always great fun. Over many…

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