Communication is Key

Thursday, July 5, 2018

By: Ted Nugent I often reference all this hyper modern high-tech electronic insanity as a good opportunity to gather round and celebrate this amazing global “electro campfire”! Everyone knows there is no better environment available to mankind than the down to earth, grounded openness of family and friends sharing our deepest thoughts, ideas, prayers, observations, laughter, emotions, dreams, beliefs and hopes around the eternal flames of a blazing, inspiring campfire. From the very outset of the Internet and all this intergalactic WiFi phenomenon, I have thoroughly enjoyed the heretofore unprecedented limitless communication capability in this digital age.

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Wildlife Science Battlecry

Thursday, June 21, 2018

By: Ted Nugent Celebrate the amazing wildlife management success story of North America and say Hallelujah and pass the backstraps like you mean it. It really wasn’t really that long ago when America woke up to the heartbreaking disaster of the irresponsible, runaway, indiscriminate market hunting slaughter of our precious wildlife. With bison nearly wiped out by a corrupt government program to eliminate the spiritual beast that supported the Native American culture and the near decimation of so many large and small game species for the world market, thank God a small but determined cadre’ of hunter/conservationists stepped up and sounded the alarm, thereby implementing the simple science of sustain yield and regulated harvests based on sound scientific productivity reality. Whew! That was a close one.

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Old Hunting Dog and New Tricks

Friday, June 15, 2018

by Ted Nugent I was jamming away on my Gibson Byrdland guitar again this morning after doing my chores, shooting a few arrows, running my varmint trapline and working my Labrador retrievers. Something very different happens musically when one comes straight from the enchanting Spirit of the Wild swamp directly into the guitar room with dirty, earthy essence of the wild under the fingernails. With Happy and Sadie all tuckered out resting on the floor, I turn up the amplifiers and unleash a flurry of exciting notes, patterns and licks that truly have a life of their own. Stream of swamp consciousness makes the best music ever! My adventurous near 70-year clean and sober being instinctively goes for sounds and rhythms heretofore undiscovered, and the sonic experimentation is thrilling beyond words. Not a jam session transpires where I fail to discover new, strange and always enticing licks and sounds, and the newness of it all inspires me even further into uncharted territory to seek notes and grooves that I have never attempted before.

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Guide The Youth

Thursday, June 7, 2018

By Ted Nugent I am fortunate beyond words to have been brought up by loving parents in the ultimate disciplinary environment of the outdoor and shooting sports lifestyle. As I maximize my quality time with my grandkids and our Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids boys and girls, I see myself quite dramatically in their smiling faces and excitement when enjoying these positive activities. With summertime upon us, now is the perfect time for all concerned parents and families to push harder organizing such outdoor activities for not just our own kids, but also for schoolmates and neighbor kids to get this powerful hands-on guidance for a critical True North compass setting in life.

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Memory Bank Spirit Fortification

Thursday, May 31, 2018

By: Ted Nugent I fling therefor I am! No really, I repeat ad nauseum ad infinitum- As goes the mystical flight of the arrow goes our soul! I have often repeated in my writings and media interviews and it seems constantly on our Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV show how the origins of Zen and the Samurai forces originated with archery for the ultimate controlling forces for quality of life. Now I can’t promise my grasp of history is sequentially all that accurate, but I do believe the gist of my observations and theories are basically good, and I am here to tell you, through simple utilitarian pragmatism they certainly serve me well.

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Back To The Basics

Thursday, May 17, 2018

By: Ted Nugent

“Keep it simple stupid” keeps running through my head 24/7/365/69.6! All the best things in life are close to the bone reverberating as one with the primal scream of our inner spirit. Yikes! That’s a mouthful ain’t it! And it darn well oughtta be if we are to remain in touch with the primary focus and pragmatic functions of our beloved down to earth quality of life. And of course I know I’m preaching to the ultimate down to earth choir here, for who better to understand and live the purest primal scream lifestyle than those of us smart and fortunate enough to hunt, fish and trap as defining hands-on conservation participants in God’s miraculous nature creation.

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Learning From Each Other

Thursday, May 10, 2018

By: Ted Nugent

My simple battlecry for a happier life is to never stop learning. My yesterday sure was fun, exciting and energizing, but my goal is to do even better today.

I just put down my battleworn Gibson Byrdland guitar after a morning of SpiritWild Ranch chores and shooting a few dozen arrows on my Morrell 3D range.

As always, I started out the morning shooting arrows at various ranges in my lifetime proven shot sequence procedure but made it a point to stop and consider some possible improved procedures for better archery. Reading, listening and watching archers and bowhunters much better than myself causes me to implement some of their suggestions and styles, and when doing so, my focus becomes strengthened and my groups get tighter, even at longer ranges beyond 50 yards.

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Get A Muffler For Your Gun-Suppressors; I like ‘em

Thursday, May 3, 2018

By: Ted Nugent

Aim small miss small! Now that’s a quality of life battlecry I think we can all relate to and agree upon. Like anything and everything in life worthwhile, firearm accuracy and all the shooting sports for that matter are best enjoyed when maximum focus and dedication are employed.

Growing up with my Daisy Red Ryder BB gun was life consuming, that’s for sure. Along with my homemade slingshots and bow and arrows life was one big projectile management adventure party.

Safety was drilled into my young, mushy brain by dear old US Army drill sergeant dad, and with the simple Gun Rule #1, never point a weapon at anything you are not willing to destroy, the great man put me on a True North compass setting of inescapable cause and effect accountability in the great outdoors and beyond from the earliest of age.

Thank you dad!

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Never Forget Our Daily Lessons

Thursday, April 12, 2018

By: Ted Nugent

I thought for sure I would tumble out of my stand my body was trembling and quivering so violently. Without a doubt the biggest buck of my life was standing statuesque not 15 yards in front of me on full alert, head up, cocked, locked and ready to rock!

His big, radar ears were erect, moist nose in the air, eyeballs bulging in a full-on gonzo attempt to find the source of the overbearing electronic predator Tedator death-rays zapping the South Texas puckerbrush all around.
I’ve been here so many times before, and under these trying conditions, it more often than not does not end well for this old stinky Rock-N-Roll bowhunter.

SpiritWild VidCamDude Kris Helms and I knew this predator-prey game all too well, and we reciprocated in kind with a deadly stealth response of our own, determined to get an arrow into this giant beast’s pumpstation come hell or high water!

It’s not like I was caught off-guard, for I live to never be off-guard, especially when bowhunting South Texas on the amazing 777 Ranch outside Hondo, Texas.

Talking about “target rich”! I was sitting in what may very well be the trophy whitetail deer mecca of planet earth, so we knew darn well what we were getting into.

But this test of nerves went on forever. I know; we always believe our deer stare-downs go on forever, but this time, it really did, and I was determined to win this standoff no matter what.

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Three Down Six To Go

Friday, March 30, 2018

by  Ted Nugent

Happy Easter everybody! What a great traditional family celebration of life renewed for sure, and we hope everybody finds lots of fun yummy Easter eggs with the kids and grandkids, don’t eat too much candy and chowdown on a succulent Easter ham or turkey surrounded by family and loved ones.

And of course we take to heart the very solemn religious celebrations that represent a very powerful spiritual moment of faith for the believers around the world.

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