Celebrate the New Year Everyday

Thursday, January 25, 2018

By: Ted Nugent Just let me just start out here in our world by saying “Happy New Year 2018” again! It really is amazing and deeply gratifying to celebrate the beginning of yet another year and it thrills me no end just to type the numbers 2-0-1-8 everyday! We are already a month in…

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El Frio Winter Deer Fun

Thursday, January 18, 2018

By: Ted Nugent

Swear to God the thermometer read 72’ below zero! Fahrenheit! No, really! My Alaska bowhunting BloodBrother Dave Widby and I were slogging across the frozen arctic tundra in search of the wooly mammoth musk ox, bundled up beyond the Pillsbury dough boy meets the Michelin man against the coldest of freezing cold mother Nature could possible throw our way!

It was wonderful and exciting, but Good Lord almighty was it ever COLD!

We were nonetheless pretty comfortable and snugged up, fully insulated in our state of the art gonzo muy frio attire of multi-layered heavy wool, down filled long-johns and every imaginable Thinsulate/Goretex goodies known to man back in the 1990s.

In these most challenging conditions possible, we did both get lucky and arrowed two dandy record book quality trophy wooly beasts on this phenomenal adventure. Whenever I might get a little chill and move a little closer to the fireplace, my body tingles and my mind reels with memories of this deadly freezing safari in the iced over North country of the Last Frontier.

As a lifelong Michigan bowhunter, I have certainly had my share of incredibly frozen vigils in dangerously below zero conditions in the last 69 deerseasons. I so remember all those years in the 1950s and 60s when all we had was wool, insulated Herman Survivor leather boots and cotton long-johns. Thank God for those old lighter fluid operating pocket handwarmers eh!

Even now as I wrap up my 2017-2018 deerseason at home in Texas, we are experiencing our share of single digit temperatures to adequately test our resolve to keep warm, persevere and stick with it.

When I went to my treestand yesterday afternoon around 3 o’clock here in mid-January, the temperature was a warmer than usual 63’ even for this part of the Hill Country. Wearing my lightweight Savanah ScentLok jacket was more than enough to handle the occasional yet ever increasing cool wind change from east to north.

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TriggerTime In Texas

Thursday, January 11, 2018

By: Ted Nugent

There’s Happy New Year then there’s Happy Nuge Year! I celebrate both with all the gonzo gusto I can summon but the Happy Nuge Year has just that much more vitality down here on the ranch!

Quite honestly since the years of our firebreathing Ted Nugent Whiplash Bash concerts every holiday season into the New Year, my idea of a New Year’s Eve party consists of an early backstrap dinner on the grill at home with Mrs. Nugent and maybe a few friends, a little hot toddy and some buttery popcorn around the fireplace listening to the neighbors as they touch off a flurry of small arms fire, then I usually hit the sack sometime around 9pm.

Even though it is indeed a new year, I tend to continue the ongoing seamless deerseason without as much as a hiccup in my daily deerhunting routine.

Why mess with perfection!

And like my dedicated deerhunting brethren in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and elsewhere, we Texans are still at it hot and heavy for the continuing backstrap dreams of January and beyond.

“Less hunting is way better than more hunting” nobody ever said!

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My Son The Big Buck Killer

Thursday, January 4, 2018

By: Ted Nugent

My beloved son Theodore Tobias Nugent was born November 7, 1976, and like all my kids, he brought great joy and happiness into our lives and immediately made the world a better place.

To say he was born into a full-on Gonzo whirlwind high-energy environment as the son of The MotorCity MadMan WhackMaster would be a gross understatement.

But within that swirling dervish Nugent world, far beyond the fiery glare of over the top flamethrowing rock-n-roll mayhem, was a beautiful, loving, down to earth all-American quality of life family dream based on love, individual accountability, being the absolute best that you can be discipline and all the positive elements that go into a serious bowhunting family lifestyle.

As Toby grew up, he showed all the youthful fascination with bows and arrows and BB guns and slingshots and always enjoyed our regular fun walks in the woods with dad. He would join me on a little hunting here and there, but never really showed a real passion for the outdoor sports. Instead he dedicated himself to basketball and became a serious athletic force to reckon with on the court.

I never pushed him to be a hunter or a guitar player, always hoping that his overall disciplined life would inspire and drive him towards his own personal passions and dreams.

It wasn’t until he was in his late teens that he began to show increased interest in deerhunting and I made it a point to encourage him and push a little harder to fan those flames that brought me such immense, deeply spiritual happiness and fulfillment.

As a very thoughtful, clever, intelligent and focused young man, it didn’t surprise me that after only a few outings, young Toby lucked into a monster Michigan swampbuck of a lifetime, killing a 168” mature beast with his Remington 12-gauge slug gun.

It was a moment in time for this die-hard deerhunting dad and his own deerhunting bug exploded in him from then on.

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Year of the Deer

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

By: Ted Nugent Deer. Those, beautiful, spectacular, always fascinating deer. I have a funny feeling that if you’re reading this here NugeBlog that you and I share this quality of life stimulating relationship and admiration for our brother the deer. I love deer. And though the role they play in our lives is powerful and…

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The South Texas Buck

Friday, December 22, 2017

By: Ted Nugent It was kind of dark, another misty dusk, and it came from a tangle down below! That is the opening stanza of the 3rd verse of my magical spirit song Fred Bear, and I cannot tell you how many times those real hunting world lyrics have unfolded for me and many other…

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Campfires Of The Heart

Thursday, December 7, 2017

By: Ted Nugent

Ahhhhh….. December! At last! This wonderful last month that brings a blazing end to another incredible year that may very well be the best hunting month of all.

Say YOWZA like you mean it!

With sheer joy and a Cheshire grin, I recount the many exciting days, sunrises, sunsets, the many earth shattering deer encounters, the effervescent paths of many mystical flights of many arrows, the humbling spiritual moments of critter recoveries, the sizzling of backstraps on an open fire, all the good, the bad and the ugly of always challenging time afield during our precious hunting season so far this year.

When the deerhunting is all said and done, I believe it really boils down to an amazing series of very special and very diverse hunting memories that we can take with us through life. And of all the moving memories we are lucky enough to pursue and accumulate, for me the best of the best are the times with special people around those special flame glowing deerhunting campfires.

Sure, at the end of each hunting day, after sitting and waiting and tracking and dragging and loading and gutting and hanging our hard-earned prizes, sometimes there is little opportunity for an actual campfire, but the gatherings around the buckpole or woodstove or just sitting down to the dinner table together are slight yet powerful variations on a campfire theme and we cherish them all.

Since I hunt every day and host and guide 50 to 100 hunters each fall and winter, our extended campfire time reminds us all how this timeless primal hunting life coalesces the absolute best aspects of our very existence.

In a world otherwise gone mad and turned upside where the government, media, Hollywood and academia all scramble to make right wrong and good bad, nothing brings truth, logic and commonsense so powerfully back into focus like a bunch of American hunters around a fire.

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Welcome Home To Texas

Thursday, November 30, 2017

By: Ted Nugent

I hope you are all celebrating every day in the deerwoods with deep, passionate appreciation for this incredible nature lifestyle and calling that we are so blessed to live and embrace. I am here to tell you that I sure am. And yes, it takes serious nerve, energy, spirit, physical and emotional management to get us through some of the frustrations, ups and downs and inescapable hunter fatigue that hits all of us as the season throttles on.

But let it be known by all good hands-on conservationist adventurers across the hinterland, never ever forget that even the most nerve wracking moments on the hunt are still some of the very best moments life has to offer.

I keep telling myself this and force myself to never allow a negative thought or moment to enter or interfere with my sacred sanctuary of pure predatorship. Ever!

Opening up my 68th deerseason on our sacred homegrounds in Michigan was as thrilling as ever. Good herd rebound after the EHD scourge of a few years ago is proof-positive that Ma Nature can and does take care of her critters in a rather miraculous way.

As usual, way too many carcasses could be seen strewn about the highways and bi-ways, and the corn and bean crops again showed a resurgence of serious depredation.

With dedicated scouting, strategizing and gungho hunting, my backstrap boogie throttled on nicely in the woodlands, swamps, marshes and croplands of southern Michigan and I celebrated many beautiful arrows on numerous stunning beasts.

My Queen of the Forest wife Shemane and son Toby remained skunked after many sojourns afield, but daughter Sasha was able to kill a handsome 8-point buck with her .450 Bushmaster sniper Ruger.

With family scattered across America, we decided to head home to SpiritWild Ranch in Texas for a ThanXgiving holiday feast and the kickoff to our Texas deerseason. In our absence the deer had no idea that a hunting season was even on. The bucks were rutting hard and the whole ranch was saturated with the lovely nostril flaring stench of black-goo tarsal gland aroma, and I liked it.

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Happy ThanXgiving Every Day!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

By: Ted Nugent

I thank God everyday that I’m a deerhunter! Swear to God I do! And you should too. What a powerfully dynamic, extremely lucky aliveness we live!

I have SO much to be thankful for, and of course it begins with health, family, country and freedom!

As I rise and shine all bright-eyed and bushytailed eager to go again on this ThanXgiving Day 2017 for my 58th day of nonstop hunting since late September, I often wonder if non-hunters truly grasp the concept of ThanXgiving as powerfully as we hunters do.

Can a sunrise on a walk in the park or on the beach be as moving as the ones we live from our deerstands, literally smack dab in the middle of its deadringer inner glow as an integral player in nature?

Can that store bought butterball provide anywhere near the deep appreciation that our haunch of hard-earned, hands-on, natural predator venison delivers to a hunting family?

I am convinced that even though hunting isn’t for everyone, I cannot imagine a lifestyle that comes anywhere close to hunting, so deeply intertwined with God’s miraculous creation and sense of individual fulfillment experienced as an independent procurer of one’s natural sustenance according to God’s tooth, fang and claw plan and design.

Let us give sincere thanks that we are Americans, where we the people choose our individual life, liberty and pursuit of backstrap happiness.

Give thanks for the hero warriors of the US Military for their dedication and sacrifice for good over evil.

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The Scripted Buck

Thursday, November 16, 2017

By: Ted Nugent

Dream on! Never stop believing, never stop dreaming! And I’m not talking Tinkerbell or Peter Pan dreams either. I’m talking big buck dreams from the big buck dreamlands in our dreamy little deerhunting heads!

I don’t have a crystal ball or a magical future predictor of any kind. In fact, I am always amazed at so many deerhunters whom I know that consistently predict which buck will show up where and when. I strategize with all the smarts and experienced hunches I can muster, but it has always been a random roll of the dice for this old backstrapper.

I dream nonetheless and have on more than one occasion made some bold, cocky predictions of my own that unfortunately have never come to fruition.

But on November 2, 2017, the planets aligned, and my radar was on an alltime high and my luck meter pegged.

And it goes like this……

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