Relentless Pursuit

December 18, 2019

By: Ted Nugent If I am anything, I am relentless. This pursuit of happiness thing has always had a powerdriving hold on me and I have witnessed that same indefatigable drive in the happiest people and the best hunters I know. The concept of equality is futile as none of us are the same and all humans have unique characteristics, talents, dreams, ideas and varying passions beyond imagination. I know guys that are so naturally gifted as efficient predators that it defies description. They clearly possess innate capabilities to choose right place right time with dizzying consistency. From my perspective, they actually seem to attract big bucks! I make it a point when hanging out with these guys to pay real close attention to their words and actions in hopes of picking up on just what it is that makes them so deadly. Some of them perform the moon phase rituals, diligently monitor their game grounds with constant trail-cam placement and reviews and carefully choose just when and where they will invest their hunting time.

Spirit of the Wild Lifestyle

June 12, 2019

By: Ted Nugent I will be 71 years old this coming winter, and I thought I would share some old man, million adventure miles observations with my fellow deerhunting brethren. So much has changed since I was born in 1948, yet so much has remained the same. I just made a very emotional return trip to my old birth neighborhood in Detroit and stopped by the little house at 23251 Florence Street where I grew up. Though I was immediately jettisoned back in time with a flood of wonderful, stirring, happy memories, in reality the old neighborhood was in no way the same. What were once proudly maintained and manicured lawns and yards were now overgrown weed fields in disarray and embarrassingly unkempt condition. The beautiful little houses I remember were now in wrecked shambles if not outright torched. Most of the trees I climbed and hunted squirrels in the neighborhood were gone.

Rallying The Troops

February 22, 2019

By: Ted Nugent One of my favorite things about the hunting lifestyle is hanging out with the best people in the world. You know who they are; down to earth, grounded, hands-on conservationist hunting families from all across the land. BloodBrothers. The many campfires I share with them each season is off the charts special. You can really get to know the inner working mechanisms of a person around a campfire, and for my 70 years of hunting (I know, I didn’t actually carry a weapon the first few years of my life, but I was still out there!) I have come to the inescapable realization that the hunters of this world are solidly in the asset column of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

CWD Honesty

February 7, 2019

By: Ted Nugent I walk the wild. I’ve walked the wild for my entire 70 years and I know what I see. I determined early on that my quality of life and overall American Dream will be ultimately enjoyed based on my dedication to a higher level of awareness and diligent attentiveness to my surroundings, people, places, things and conditions. And I walk the wild a lot! I live in the wild, I cherish the wild, I revere the wild, I live the wild, I am the Spirit of the Wild and there is no getting away from it.


January 17, 2019

By: Ted Nugent I missed. I mean, I missed really, really bad! I know, we all miss and it is always a painful thing. Some misses are manageable, some not so much. I am having a very hard time getting over this one. When you have been addicted to the mystical flight of the arrow as long as I have, missing the mark on occasion, even often, is just part of the projectile management lifestyle. Ya win some ya lose some. No biggie in the great scheme of things. When we miss a shot that was executed reasonably well, we can live with it. In archery some things are simply not within our control no matter how dedicated we are and how proficient we become.

Happy Birthday Hunt To Me

December 13, 2018

By: Ted Nugent Ahhhhh…… December 13, 1948, such a moving historical landmark! A moment in time! A day of infamy the way I see it. A wild-eyed kickoff to something big and beautiful. My favorite day ever! Seventy years ago today a rather momentous launching of little Theodore Anthony Nugent on the not so mean streets of Detroit, and rock-n-roll guitar slamming and the mystical flight of the arrow would never be the same again. What a great time to be born. Chuck Berry and Fred Bear paved the way for the most fun adventure a young whippersnapper future MotorCity Madman Whackmaster could have ever hoped for, and celebrating my 70th today is glowing proof that the American Dream is alive and well and available to anyone who plunges heart and soul into their passions.

October Like You Mean It!

October 4, 2018

By: Ted Nugent Well get on bended knee and thank the Good Lord Almighty like you mean it! We are here but by the love and grace of God to celebrate yet another glorious, wonderful October! Say glory, glory hallelujah and give me a minute to catch my predator breath! Anytime we can make it to another October we should look to the heavens and say a prayer of ultra-thanks for the blessed gift of another hunting season! I know many sporters have been at it hard for over a month in numerous states and provinces, but nothing says huntseason like the magical, mystical month of October! When the sumac starting turning red and orange and yellow and the geese began increased movement and visibility, you knew darn well that a very special time of year was upon us.

Guide The Youth

June 7, 2018

By Ted Nugent I am fortunate beyond words to have been brought up by loving parents in the ultimate disciplinary environment of the outdoor and shooting sports lifestyle. As I maximize my quality time with my grandkids and our Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids boys and girls, I see myself quite dramatically in their smiling faces and excitement when enjoying these positive activities. With summertime upon us, now is the perfect time for all concerned parents and families to push harder organizing such outdoor activities for not just our own kids, but also for schoolmates and neighbor kids to get this powerful hands-on guidance for a critical True North compass setting in life.

Ted’s on WCSX with Doug Podell

April 25, 2016

The Motor City Madman’s coming home! And Doug Podell’s asking him all about it on Monday, April 25 at 2pm EDT.

Ted will always have a heart and soul connection to Michigan--and can hardly wait to rock his BloodBrothers this summer! Tune in to Detroit’s Classic Rock, 94.7fm. Listen live here.

Black Friday in the Store!

November 24, 2015

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Ted Nugent Teams Up with Doubletap Ammunition to Produce Ted Nugent Ammo

November 2, 2015

ammo He’s been called the nation’s most outspoken proponent of the 2nd Amendment. And now Ted Nugent has partnered with Doubletap Ammunition to produce Ted Nugent Ammo —proudly made here in the USA!

Founded in 2002 by President and CEO Michael McNett, Doubletap Ammunition has gained a well-earned reputation for powerful, reliable and accurate ammo. Every round is hand-inspected to ensure quality control and precision craftsmanship.

“Like our sacred 2nd Amendment, Ted Nugent Ammo is as all-American as it gets! It’s 100% tested, manufactured, bought, sold and enjoyed right here in the good old USA. Doubletap's Mike McNett and I would have it no other way,” declared NUGENT.

Whether you shoot a rifle or handgun, for serious hunting or routine target practice, Ted Nugent Ammo has you covered, and it’s available NOW at TedNugent.com.

“Like my guitar playing, my quality of life is best measured ballistically,” continued Nugent. “Aim small, miss small isn’t just a cute saying to me--it’s my life mantra!”  

Verizon has an agenda—but YOU can change it!

September 8, 2015

NRA_News_Headers_SportsmanChannel Sportsman Channel, the only 24/7 Hunting/Fishing/Shooting network, has been dropped by Verizon from the channel line-up. And while Verizon has silenced the voice of the red, white and blue All-American sportsman, it continues to amplify the voice of Al Jazeera!

Fight for our gun rights! Bring back Sportsman Channel by Posting/Tweeting/Sharing with everyone who still believes in the First and Second Amendment! For more information, please click here.

Make your voice heard! SHARE this with all your friends http://bit.ly/1NTjPTd #KeepSportsman #2A #Merica

Ted Nugent Sets New Social Media Record

August 4, 2015

Over the course of his storied career, rock icon Ted Nugent has set countless records in the worlds of entertainment and the shooting sports. So it should come as no surprise that he’s setting records again—this time on social media. During the last week, Nugent has reached an astonishing 31.7 million people with his bold and articulate postings on Facebook.

At some point, you’ve likely heard Nugent on radio or television:

“Ted Nugent is one of the greatest guests you could ever get, because he commands rapt attention when he speaks, and there is nothing formulaic about what he has to say. He is unfathomably quotable, and dynamically entertaining.” –Jack Harris, Co-Host AM Tampa Bay, 970/WFLA

It’s long been noted that Nugent writes like he talks. Given this, he’s uniquely suited to the genre of social media. Ted makes his points, and makes them unapologetically. And it gets people talking. With more than 2.4 million likes, his posts are shared again and again–sparking lively dialogue with fans and foes alike.

In other Nuge News, join Ted, Trace Adkins, The Oak Ridge Boys and more at the CHARLIE DANIELS 40TH ANNIVERSARY VOLUNTEER JAM August 12 in Nashville. Tickets are available now at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena Box Office and All Ticketmaster Locations.

Ted Nugent Delivers A Patriotic, High Energy, Soulful Rockin set

July 21, 2014

NUG_musicjunkie Multi-platinum guitar icon Ted Nugent has returned with his new full-length album SHUTUP&JAM!, which is out on Frontiers Records. The release marks the first all-new studio album from the Motor City Madman in seven years. Nugent leads the pack of renowned musicians, handling guitar and vocal duties, alongside bassist Greg Smith, drummer Mick Brown and longtime musical cohort guitarist/vocalist Derek St. Holmes.

Read the full story on MusicJunkiePress.com.

Sunrize Safaris Hog Hunts

March 21, 2012

Book this Hunt Call Paul at 517-750-9060 for specials, to book your dream hunt or to join the NRA! Gift Certificates Available! Sunrize Acres offers the ultimate hunts for hogs whether you hunt with bow or gun. Well place stands, blinds...

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