The Music Makes Him Do It: An Exclusive Interview!

By Ruben Mosqueda ( Ted Nugent the ‘Motor City Madman’ as he’s often referred to, took time from his busy schedule [hunting as he says in this interview] to chat with Over the course of his career Nugent has…

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Nuge Java Now Available in Whole Bean!

You asked and we answered! Ted’s wildly popular coffee is now available in whole bean! Pick up one (or all three!) of Ted’s amazing blends – The Original, Sin-O-Man and KillerBrew Hazelnut, exclusively in the official Store.

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We asked Ted “Why?” His Reply? “The Music Made Me Do It!”

Ted Nugent with Greg Smith (bassist) and Jason Hartless (drummer); "The Music Made Me Do It!"


Kids Kids and More Kids!

By: Ted Nugent Another day, another kid! Just how lucky can an old bowhunter get than getting one of the greatest joys available in life hearing from kids from all over America every day celebrating hunting and the great outdoor lifestyle in this day and age! Not a day goes by that I don’t receive a letter and photo from a young boy and or a young girl with exciting celebrations of a successful hunt. Think about that one for a minute. In 2019 in the otherwise goofy world turned upside down and our purest American culture and heritage being attacked from every angle every day, I get photos and stories from young Americans absolutely thrilled to have whacked their first deer, turkey, bear, rabbit, dove, duck, squirrel, pheasant, raccoon or any of the various species of big and small game in North America.



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