THE TED OFFENSIVE: No bailout for Motown

March 13, 2013

Exclusive: Ted Nugent disagrees with GOP guv pushing state help for bankrupt Detroit My beloved Motor City is bleeding to death. The facts are that Detroit is a financial wreck, an unmitigated disaster, a sheer cataclysmic catastrophe – you pick....

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THE TED OFFENSIVE: Chicago solution: More cages for gangstas

March 6, 2013

Exclusive: Ted Nugent advocates tough sentencing, guns in the hands of law-abiding Ever the community organizer, President Obama was recently back home in Chicago promoting his gun-ban proposals. The president also spoke about the need for stronger families and lamented...

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THE TED OFFENSIVE: Let me be free

February 12, 2013

Exclusive: Ted Nugent has clear message for those who want ‘their boots on our necks’ Let me be perfectly clear: It isn’t any of your damn business what you think I need, what you don’t want me to have and...

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THE TED OFFENSIVE: Republican murdering U.S. citizens

February 12, 2013

Exclusive: Ted Nugent proves ‘liberals are two-faced hypocrites’ Imagine for a moment if the tables were turned and a Republican president had issued an order that permitted the killing of American citizens with drones. The country would go gonzo. Liberals...

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NUGENT: Bakers’ union ding-dong move endangers 18,000 jobs

November 28, 2012

Labor thugs make economic hard times worse In yet another never-ending series of terminal ding-dong moves, members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union went on strike and drove Hostess out of business, providing one more...

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NUGENT: Want a job? Vote for Romney

October 17, 2012

Team Obama can’t help you It boils down to this: If you want to grow the economy and get a job, vote for Mitt Romney. If you want more anti-business policies and counterproductive government welfare, vote for President Obama. The...

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NUGENT: Mitt Romney was right about the 47 percent

October 3, 2012

Americans are too dependent on Fedzilla Mitt Romney hit the bull’s-eye with his comments regarding the 47 percent of Americans who do not have any skin in the game as it pertains to paying federal income tax. Facts are facts....

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NUGENT: No protest for Democrats’ confab

September 6, 2012

Big government is sabotaging future for today’s youth Today’s young Americans have nothing in common with the counterculture generation of young Americans who marched, protested and brawled with Chicago’s finest at the Democratic National Convention in 1968. I have to...

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NUGENT: McNugent rule: Automatic death penalty

September 3, 2012

Justice requires satisfaction for murders What a psychotic piece of subhuman debris did on Jan. 11, 2011, outside a Tucson Safeway store where Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was holding a “meet and greet” with constituents was an unfathomable act of barbarism....

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NUGENT: Task One this Labor Day: Defeat Obama

August 31, 2012

Fedzillacrats bad for economy Ask yourself this question: Are you better off since Barack Obama was elected president or not? For too many Americans, the answer is painfully obvious. Regardless of his continuing efforts to blame President George W. Bush...

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NUGENT: All aboard for the Romney-Ryan Express

August 22, 2012

Republican veep pick just the ticket As excited as I am over Mitt Romney selecting Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate, I’m over come with giddiness that Mr. Romney’s first important decision has shown his conservative mettle. Whew! For...

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NUGENT: Crimes against Gibson guitars

August 22, 2012

Uncle Sam is Uncle Sham My all-American sonic-bombast weapon of choice for 50 years has been those world-class pieces of musical art, the mighty Gibson guitar. I own a stunning arsenal of them. It wouldn’t surprise me if some Fedzillastooge...

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NUGENT: America is on a financial suicide watch

August 15, 2012

Distractions from debt problem a travesty Someone should have to answer for the financial high crimes and misdemeanors that are bankrupting our nation and financially raping the futures of our children and grandchildren. If a corporate officer did to the...

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NUGENT: Grover Norquist — Beltway’s Clint Eastwood

July 26, 2012

Tax-killer dares big spenders to make his day  The Dirty Harry of tax and government reform is Grover Norquist. Dirty Harry Norquist, president of Americans For Tax Reform (, has never seen a tax increase he supports, which should immediately...

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NUGENT: Turncoat Roberts

July 5, 2012

Chief justice’s surprise ruling means limited government is dead Yogi Berra said that when you come to a fork in the road, take it. When supposed-conservative Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. came to a judicial conservative-liberal fork in the...

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NUGENT: Happy Independence DNA

July 3, 2012

Real Americans never surrender In a sea of soulless, sheeplike dependency, it’s easy to spot the fiercely independent people who continue to declare our independence. We are the producers, the people who make the country work. We are business owners...

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NUGENT: Still stoned on liberty

June 21, 2012

Take a hit of freedom on Election Day The one thing you will never have to remind me of is how fortunate and blessed I am, or I should say, how fortunate all of us are to live in the...

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Spirit Wild Writings NUGENT: Attracting the Latino vote

June 13, 2012

GOP should support legal immigration Due to ever-shifting demographics, Americans of Latin descent are being courted by both the Republican and Democratic parties. The party that wins their support will be in the political driver’s seat come November. The Democrats...

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NUGENT: Ready to roll over the O Team

June 11, 2012

Obama and his media enablers need to answer for economic catastrophe I recently had a nice conversation with my friend, ultra-left-wing comedian Bill Maher. He wants me back on his television program to explain why I am so angry with...

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NUGENT: God bless America’s warriors

May 25, 2012

Teach your children freedom isn’t free Freedom isn’t free. Never has been, never will be. Very special warriors have provided freedom at supreme sacrifice since time immemorial. Good people will never forget, and we celebrate Memorial Day with a hard-charging...

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NUGENT: Six rules to gain American Dream

May 17, 2012

Advice from the mountaintop for those starting at the bottom Tens of thousands of young people will soon toss their graduation caps into the air and begin their pursuit of their own unique American Dream. That’s cause for grand celebration....

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NUGENT: California nightmare

May 5, 2012

Bankrupt state serves as a warning to the rest of America Will the last American left in California please turn out the lights? And don’t let the door slam you in the behind. California isn’t going broke. It’s already broke...

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